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LinkedIn Continues to Open Up - With New LinkedIn Poll Features

By: Viveka Wednesday December 22, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Polls, TOMA, SME

The latest applet to benefit from LinkedIn's efforts to become more social, and more usable, is the LinkedIn poll. To find polls, go to "More" then scroll down to "Polls" While I still think the information you will gather from LinkedIn Polls will remain skewed (being birthed and hatched in a relatively closed network of business professionals). Polls are a most excellent way to start conversations, increase TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) and SME (Subject Matter Expertise) and thought Leadership (Gotta love the buzzwords.) Here's what LinkedIn has to say about their newest features: Over one million professionals have used LinkedIn Polls to survey professional audiences and analyze the results.  Now -  if you have an audience anywhere on the web - this will help you to... Read More