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How Do I Delete a Connection on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Thursday January 6, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Contacts, LinkedIn Contacts

Deleting connections on LinkedIn can be a little tricky  - so I shot a really quick video to show you how to do it: Go to “Contacts” Click on “Remove Connections” (this is where it is tricky because it feels like you should click on the person and then remove connection) Choose the letter of the alphabet of your connection’s last name Find them and check them off (you can do up to 200 at a time) Click on Remove Connections Affirm that yes, you really do want to remove them ONCE YOU REMOVE SOMEONE YOU CAN NEVER INVITE THEM TO CONNECT AGAIN , so make sure you really really really want to remove them LinkedIn will not tell them you have removed them, they will just no longer have direct access to you. Unfortunately,... Read More