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Sometimes It Pays to Listen to the Teacher....

By: Viveka Thursday February 3, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Network

Are you listening?  You are only as visible as the size of your network! Several times a month I teach at our Local Workforce center , instructing our  job seekers how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find a job. I am always thrilled when they learn something! I recently received this email from a student, who we will call A. I had been teaching "A" how to build his network so that he could actually be seen by recruiters who did not have paid accounts on LinkedIn.  What I tell my students (and anyone else who will listen) is that "On LinkedIn you are only as visible as your network".  But I don't always get through... This is the network of an average student: So what that means is - out of 90 MILLION people - only 223,000 can actually... Read More