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Into the Abyss - NOT!

By: Viveka Monday March 7, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategies, linkedin networking, rules of linkedin

LinkedInChat having an Impact! I used to have a radio show, and the thing that drove me nuts about it was feeling like I was speaking into the abyss.  I never knew who was listening or if I was having an impact. Fast forward a year or two, and I am not moderating the #LinkedInChat every Tuesday night.  I love it, because it most certainly is NOT an abyss.  We have amazing folks participating - and check it out - its even sparked a few blog articles! The latest is this very thoughtful article by  MELODY MEINERS called: The Unrules of using LinkedIn for Business Netowrking . Take a read: There are many reasons people are using LinkedIn today, from marketing to recruiting. Here is a look at the average user you will encounter there. Recently Viveka... Read More