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LinkedIn Scheduling Tool: Oktopost

By: Viveka Monday March 31, 2014 comments Tags: Oktopost, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn Scheduling Tool: Oktopost

# LinkedInChat with Oktopost Director of marketing, Mark Lerner With all the changes LinkedIn is making with Publisher and Company Pages (getting rid of Products and Services Pages ) its a good thing that there's a tool like Oktopost ! On Tuesday April 1st, we have Oktopost's Director of Marketing, Mark Lerner to tell us more about how we can use Oktopost and LinkedIn ! Mark and Oktopost Mark joined Oktopost in October of 2013 and was the first full time employee. Mark has a BA in Psychology from Boston University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.At Oktopost , Mark has helped the B2B social media marketing platform establish itself as the go-to platform for B2B marketers to generate leads and measure ROI . Mark is a marketing expert with... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Asks: Glitch or Another Way to for LinkedIn to Restrict its Own Growth?

By: Viveka Monday August 17, 2009 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Invitations, LinkedIn updates, Add new tag, LinkedIn Inbox

Oops - they've done it again. LinkedIn has taken away another one of its tools that helps people to connect. Was a time (like last week) you could send a customized invitation to an individual (you can still customize an "imported contacts" invitation). That meant just in case you didn't know which John Smith you were connecting to, you could write: "Hi - we met at Joe's Bar and Grill and had that great discussion about LinkedIn. I forgot to get your business card, but would love to connect to you. Please accept my invitation to be a part of my LinkedIn Professional network. If this is the wrong John Smith, please archive this message. Have a great day." Ah - but now that little "custom invite" button has been removed from an individual invitation - if you don't have... Read More

The LinkedIn Expert tells you

By: Viveka Saturday March 21, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Invitations, LinkedIn updates, Add new tag, LinkedIn Inbox

So like me you are probably a little annoyed with LinkedIn's new setup. As one Twitter follower said: "LinkedIn is looking a little skinny". What happened to my Inbox? Where are the three "I's": Introductions, Inmails and Invitations? AS a LinkedIn Expert , you'd think they would have told me about this upcoming change. Sigh. That's the problem with being self-proclaimed. Well, Introductions and Inmails are now to be found (where they always have been) in a searched person's profile (in/near the header area). So you have to find the person you want to connect to and then simply hit the "inmail" (paid) or "introduction" link (off to the right) and LinkedIn will walk you through it. But more importantly - where are my invitations, pending accepted or otherwise and can I still bulk... Read More