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The Future of LinkedIn: 8 Possible Directions

By: Viveka Tuesday January 31, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Connections, Future of LinkedIn, LinkedIn CRM, Jeff Weiner, CardMunch, Linked InMaps

Where Do You See LinkedIn Going? 1. Connect-ability Where do I see LinkedIn going? Beyond the inevitability of yearly facelifts (one of the reasons I really appreciate LinkedIn is that its designers dont feel the need to change its look and function-ability every few months) I am hopeful that LinkedIn will focus on making valid connectibility between its members easier and more effective. Right now the only way to send messages is directly to a first level connection, through groups, updates and paid InMails. I believe this greatly inhibits peoples ability to connect and do business. I understand LinkedIn is protecting against the incredible spammy nature of communications that has infiltrated most social media sites but it also greatly limits peoples ability to... Read More

Have You Checked Out Your LinkedIn Search Stats Lately?

By: Viveka Friday March 18, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Statistics, LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn’s Home Page

LinkedIn's Home Page Statistics There is an area on your LinkedIn home page that tells you how many people have checked out your profile and even who they are! You should make it a weekly practice not only to check those stats, but send a letter to the folks who have looked at your profile. Here's an example of a letter I send to the folks who check out my profile: Hello (Name) Make sure to personalize I noticed you were checking out my profile yesterday.  Please let me know if I can help you in any way! Sincerely, Viveka von Rosen, CEO –Linked Into Business Give your vitals! [email protected] , (970) 481-XXXX Then give them something valuable: Need help with LinkedIn?  Lots of tips here: ... Read More