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What are Your LinkedIn Goals for 2014?

By: Viveka Tuesday January 7, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Goals, Content Curating, Lead Generation, Conference Strategie, LinkedIn Visibility, LinkedIn and TOMA, Branding, Thought Leader, LinkedProspecting, 2014

What are Your LinkedIn Goals for 2014? I had a Google hangout yesterday with some of the top social media folks in the world. (Not to drop names, but some of them were Jamie 60-Second Marketer Turner , Brian Conversion Scientist Massey and Ian Social Media Tools Guy Cleary and Phyllis Facebook Guru Khare .) We were talking about our goals and business plans for 2014. Naturally they were much more organized than I was. But it made me think about the fact that one of the first things I do with my clients is having them clarify their top reasons for being on LinkedIn. Here's a list of some of the typical goals or reasons for being on LinkedIn. Take a look at them (and I recommend prioritizing them to what is most important to you.) Better Lead Generation ... Read More

To Pay, or Not to Pay? That is the Question…

By: Viveka Tuesday April 5, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Settings, LinkedIn Visibility

Do you need a Paid Account? To be honest, until recently I didn't think anyone needed a paid account.  In my experience, with enough connections and connected to some strategic groups, you could gain access to the people you needed to on LinkedIn. However, with the recent shift in security setting defaults  (mostly groups and visibility) I am rethinking my opinion.    The shift in default settings is making people less visible and harder to get in touch with. With the loss of visibility of our our 2 nd and 3 rd connections last name name, suddenly a paid account is looking more attractive and those InMails and extra Introductions are becoming more useful.  I'm  certainly receiving a lot more InMails and Introductions than I used to. Of course some of the other... Read More