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What Will (Should) LinkedIn Do For Us In 2013

By: Viveka Monday December 31, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Predictions

A list of LinkedIn Predictions for 2013 LinkedIn Predictions for 2013 In my book LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day , I made some predictions about what LinkedIn had in store for us More media A few things, like easily adding rich media to our profiles has come to pass ( see more on that here .)  I think that is one of my favorite predictions that came to pass. Connections Search One of my big wishes was to be able to search my connection's connections by keyword, and that has come to pass as well!  Woohoo! Integrated CRM Another of my predictions, a beefier integrated CRM might be on the way!  I recently spoke with one of LinkedIn’s advisors and her recommended we keep an eye on , a CRM that LinkedIn purchased a few years ago.... Read More

You Can Now Easily Add Media to Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Viveka Friday December 14, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI, Rich Media, LinkedIn Video

Or Why I Love LinkedIn Again Adding Video to LinkedIn I changed my mind again about LinkedIn's new user interface .  Again.  They pissed me off with the removal of LinkedIn Apps , and LinkedIn Events.  I was also not thrilled with the relagation of  LinkedIn Polls being to a Groups only tool.  That being said, I am in love with the ability to add rich media content to your profile, easily, through a simple link. So I am happy with LinkedIn again. Many folks were upset with the removal of apps – it was all we talked about in the #LinkedInChat last week!  However, this new link makes adding video and other content WAAAAAY easier.  And other apps like Tripit, JD Supra’s Legal Updates and take a bit more set up – but are still relatively easy to... Read More

Where the Hell Did My Apps Go on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Tuesday December 11, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI

And other questions about the new LinkedIn User Interface! Well – according to the letter MOST of us got yesterday, we will all have the new User Interface – well – today!(December 11th, 2012) If you have not yet done so – read this article on the new UI and what it can do for you! ( ) Or watch video below LinkedIn Events To answer your question, “Where the hell did events go?”  Well – they are just gone.  LinkedIn decided they were chaff and threw them away.  Personally I liked LinkedIn Events even though I suppose they didn’t work like they were meant to and people rarely looked at or used them.  But the folks who did use Events really... Read More

6 Cool New Features on LinkedIn – Plus a Video Tour!

By: Viveka Tuesday November 13, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, New on LinkedIn, Using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, New LinkedIn UI

Let's Take a Tour of the New LinkedIn Profile Relating and Connecting Easier on the New LinkedIn Profile I received an invitation today from Brandon Moase in Kelowna, British Columbia. Since I also lived on British Columbia and we both have Wheaten Terriers, I thought I would use his profile to show you all the cool new things on LinkedIn. (PS - if you want to experience the new profile first hand, see Brandon's profile and invite him to connect !) For more details on the new user interface read this blog article: Video Tour of the "New" LinkedIn Cool New Look First of all the look is new, clean and image-centric. LinkedIn has added a lot of new images and logos to its... Read More

The NEW NEW NEW LinkedIn Profile Revealed

By: Viveka Wednesday October 17, 2012 comments Tags: profile development, New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI

The "New" LinkedIn Let’s hear it for round three of the “New” LinkedIn profile user interface! LinkedIn's New User Interface is awesome LinkedIn’s newest user interface (the 3 rd in as many months) is rolling out today, as was revealed at LinkedIn’s latest press conference . Alas - LinkedIn has turned off their UStream video of the press release  so you can no longer view it. Boo.  Really glad I wrote this article now! I am so very excited about this new roll out because its really seems to be focused on engagement and insights into your network to facilitate that engagement. Here are some cool things to look forward to: Simplified Editing: The New Home page allows both for information and content absorption as well as quick editing.  This... Read More

The "New" LinkedIn Interface and What it Means to You.

By: Viveka Friday July 13, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn's new UI

Don't We All Look Thinner in Black? LinkedIn's "New" Look.   Update:  LinkedIn recently added the new Profile UI to the mix - here's a blog post on that:   This latest update is significantly more involved than the addition of a black menu bar! Or:  Much Ado about Not Much at All..... Here's what is new... If Google got together with LinkedIn, that's what the new LinkedIn user interface would look like. Here I was all freaked out knowing that I was about to publish a book on LinkedIn and knowing that they were going to overhaul their user interface, but not sure what it would look like. Well here's what it looks like. Instead of a white menu bar with black... Read More

LinkedIn's Profile Re-Design is Here

By: Viveka Thursday May 17, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn Format

LinkedIn's New User Interface - Cleaner and Easier to Use Editor's note:  No sooner did this post go up than it appears that LinkedIn has pulled the new UI!  If you still have access to the new UI (Which would look like the picture below) please let me know.  Thanks - Viveka I was right in the middle of a webinar this afternoon when LinkedIn changed its user interface.  I like it.  Its very clean looking and seems to be inspired by the new iPad format.  Here's what you'll be getting: 1.  An Easier Photo Edit:  In case you were wondering how to upload your photo onto LinkedIn, the new user format makes it blatantly obvious with and giant blue "Edit Photo" hyperlink. 2. Name and Professional Headline:  You'll go to the same page to edit your Name and... Read More

LinkedIn. It’s Not Just for Recruiters Anymore

By: Viveka Sunday January 22, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn Signal, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn Tags

Some of LinkedIn's "Newer" Offers When you say “Social Media” people think of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  LinkedIn does not always spring to the top of mind.  I suspect this is because LinkedIn, despite its numerous changes, is still considered to be a Rolodex on steroids for jobseekers and recruiters, rather than an active, vibrant social network and marketing tool. If you haven’t visited LinkedIn lately, you might want to drop back in. 1.  LinkedIn has improved its “Contacts” section.  Unlike Facebook (that has a unintuitive “friends” section and complicated “List” and messaging system,) and Twitter (that is even less intuitive “List” app,) LinkedIn has a very intuitive system that allows you not only to “Tag” (sort) your... Read More