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And Now for Something Completely Different: Facebook!

By: Viveka Monday February 6, 2012 comments Tags: Facebook resources, engagement, Fan pages, customized tabs, lujure

Facebook Resources This is NOT my area of expertise - Andrea Vahl , Mari Smith , Amy Porterfield , Phyllis Khare   are the ones to go to.   I did, however, put together this list of some of the resources I used in my Facebook seminar today. What I like about is that anyone can add their own resources or webpage. is embeddable, sharable, generates relevant content and resources and creates very good  SEO. Feel free to like, add or comment on a link. Embed this list in your own blog or website! To add a resource  just put the URL in the available field at the bottom of the link. [listly id="mn" theme="light" layout="full" numbered="yes" image="yes" items="all"]... Read More

Social Media Resources I Use That You Might Like Too!

By: Viveka Thursday October 27, 2011 comments Tags: SOcial Media Tools, LinkedIn resources, Facebook resources, YouTube Resources, Social Bookmarking

Social Media Resources Contact Viveka on: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Foursquare: YouTube: Social Media Tools: 12 Tools: Marketing Tools: LinkedIn: How to Use LinkedIn Skills: 20 Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively: 100 LinkedIn Resources:  ... Read More