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What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign

By: superadmin Tuesday July 29, 2014 comments Tags: Jorge Argota, LinkedIn Campaign, Google and LinkedIn, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Marketing

What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign

What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign By Jorge Argota From an analytical stand point, numbers do lie and dont always tell the story. However, digging and drilling into your analytics will help you create the story. Along the way I will discuss the analytics of social media essentials so you have a better understating of your LinkedIn marketing campaign. When we talk about a LinkedIn campaign in reference to Google analytics, there are three ways to classify your data. LinkedIn Referrals The first type is social referrals: which happens to be the organic source e.g. shares of a post or an update which, in effect, brought visitors to your website through a link. You would also want to track your paid ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Plug-ins Then the second is the... Read More

Additional Information about Google Searches

By: Viveka Saturday March 1, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Search, Viveka von Rosen, Google and LinkedIn

The Google search is incredibly powerful when you do an advanced search or Boolean search on LinkedIn and LinkedIn does not give you the results you want. You just pull in Site: in the search bar, and then whatever content you can pull from the LinkedIn profile, put that in quotation marks, hit enter, and youre going to get the first and last name of the individual that you are looking for. You can also do this to find individuals in a group. One of the premium filters in the advanced search is the ability to search through groups and even for members within a specific zip code. But what if I dont have a premium account? Well, heres the workaround. I can use Google to search and identify members of a Linked group specific even to a location, so its very similar. Its... Read More

Clarity and Branding: Know Your Keywords

By: Viveka Tuesday November 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn SEO, Google and LinkedIn

Branding and Keywords Who are you? What do you have to offer?  Why should I buy from you?  What makes you different?  How would I describe your services? Your brand? Your product? The clearer you are on your brand, the better you represent yourself, the more business you will attract! YOU are your Brand.  Inbound Marketing has changed the way we do business.  Whether you are a B2C, B2B, Employee or Executive, your clients want to work with individuals, not some corporate entity.  There needs to be a balance between the company, and the individual representing the company.  Even employees are becoming representatives of company brands.  For that matter, your clients and customers are becoming the unpaid sales evangelists for your brand.  So your brand MUST be... Read More