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LinkedIn: Comply or Get Spanked!

By: Viveka Friday January 6, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn EUA, End User Agreement, Compliance

What NOT to do on LinkedIn… Recently my LinkedIn account was suspended – again.  I had already written a whole series on “What NOT to do on LinkedIn” so I thought I was being compliant  - but apparently not.  So here are a few more things I recently discovered NOT to do on LinkedIn! 1.  Don’t put anything other than your name in the name field .  Put only your first LinkedIn Expert ” and enjoyed a few great days of Google visibility.  Alas, what I didn’t do was read the End User Agreement that states: “Do NOT Publish inaccurate information in the designated fields on the profile form (e.g., do not include a link or an email address in the name field). Please also protect sensitive personal information such as your email address, phone number, street... Read More