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LinkedIn Photos: Best Practices

By: Viveka Thursday January 16, 2014 comments Tags: Lil Miller-Fox, LinkedIn Photo, LinkedIn, Profile photo tips, LinkedIn photo tips

LinkedIn Photos:  Best Practices

LinkedIn Photos: Best Practices B y Elisabeth Miller-Fox and Viveka von Rosen So I am a big fan of investing in a decent photo on LinkedIn. Brian Horn gave me the idea to add the logos of some major media outlets that have published or mentioned me. My word of advice when it comes to LinkedIn photos is invest in yourself when it comes to your profile photo. That glamour shot from your high school graduation is not going to cut it on LinkedIn. If you can, spend some money and get a professional photographer to take you profile shots. By professional photo I dont mean a hokey background and paste-it-on smile. I mean investing in a professional photographer whos got the right lighting, the right angles, and the knowledge to make you look your best. If you dont have a lot of... Read More

Easily Add Documents and Pictures to Your Company Page on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Thursday January 17, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Photo, How To Add Photos, How To Add Documents

4 Easy Steps to Adding Documents and Pictures to Your LinkedIn Company Page With the ongoing theme of "LinkedIn Giveth and LinkedIn Taketh Away," LinkedIn has taken away the Answers feature. (Or will be on January 31). But today it has given us the ability to easily add photos and documents to our company pages. Not quite an equal trade - but it will do :) To see what this looks like, you can see my company page at:  (And please feel free to follow my page too for tips like this!) Adding Photos and Documents To do this, follow these simple steps: 1.  Go to your company page and where you would normally add an update, click on the paperclip.  (PS 0 you can still add an update too if you want!) ... Read More

Your LinkedIn Photo...

By: Viveka Monday January 9, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Photo, What to do on Linked

Keep Your Photo Professional This applies to both men and women.  Unfortunately, I see more women breaking this rule than men.  Or maybe its men creating fake accounts and using sexy lady shots to entice more professional men to connect with them.  This isn’t Amsterdam folks!  LinkedIn is for professional men and women (although not the “oldest professionals!”) Anyway - I recommend a close up and a smile. And a top.  A full body shot of you and your family, you and your car, you and that fish you caught last week is unclear and unprofessional.  I have seen some artists use artistic renderings of themselves – which is clever if your image is still clear. LinkedIn doesn’t like logos. If you remember from last week’s blog, LinkedIn’s EUA... Read More