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What Will Replace Linkedin Signal?

By: Viveka Tuesday July 30, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Signal, Signal gone, LinkedIn Update sear, LinkedIn Signal hack, LinkedIn Signal work, WHat is replacing Si

Here Are Some Linkedin Signal Workarounds That Might Help According to LinkedIn, there will be no replacement for Signal. Apparently we weren't using it enough. I'm not entirely sure this is true due to the outcry of people upset with LinkedIn for getting rid of this valuable tool. I emailed LinkedIn and this is what they told me: At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and efficient experience for all members. So from time to time, we take a look at our set of features to evaluate how they're being used by our members. Part of this process sometimes means we decide to eliminate a feature, so we can better invest our development resources in building more great LinkedIn products for members like you. ... Read More

12 Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Viveka Tuesday August 14, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, profile development, LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Profile Tips Its been awhile since I went over some basic LinkedIn profile tips, so I thought I would touch on some of the basics here and on the #LinkedInChat tonight You can join the #LinkedInChat every Tuesday at 6 PM MST (8 EST) on 1.  Treat your LinkedIn profile like a website: Make sure it is formatted, clean and free of spelling and grammatical errors. There is nothing worse than trying to represent yourself as a profesional and have the word profesional spelled incorrectly! (Did you catch that?  Did it make you cringe?) I have a LinkedIn profile questionnaire that I give my clients (you can download it at in the app).  Use either my questionnaire or a Word (Pages)... Read More

LinkedIn. It’s Not Just for Recruiters Anymore

By: Viveka Sunday January 22, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn Signal, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn Tags

Some of LinkedIn's "Newer" Offers When you say “Social Media” people think of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  LinkedIn does not always spring to the top of mind.  I suspect this is because LinkedIn, despite its numerous changes, is still considered to be a Rolodex on steroids for jobseekers and recruiters, rather than an active, vibrant social network and marketing tool. If you haven’t visited LinkedIn lately, you might want to drop back in. 1.  LinkedIn has improved its “Contacts” section.  Unlike Facebook (that has a unintuitive “friends” section and complicated “List” and messaging system,) and Twitter (that is even less intuitive “List” app,) LinkedIn has a very intuitive system that allows you not only to “Tag” (sort) your... Read More