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Social Media Speaker and LinkedIn Expert asks: Is Social Media Right for You?

By: Viveka Tuesday April 28, 2009 comments Tags: Integrated Alliances, Healing Path

Social Media and You: Or - How I Doubled my Business in a Year If you have been watching ABC, or bought shoes from Zappos! lately - then you've been touched by social media. You can't avoid it, don't even try. No doubt you've seen your kids "message", their fingers moving faster than the speed of light? And wasn't that guy who created facebook TM a young whippersnapper of 19 (now an aged 24 year old billionaire)? So one must ask oneself, "Seriously, how could a tool utilized in such crazy, time wasting ways be a useful form of communications?" If you think social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogging, YouTube, etc.) is a waste of time, you are not alone. But wait - there must be something to it when facebook is bigger than some countries (population wise) and... Read More