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How To Position Yourself as an Expert On LinkedIn

By: Viveka Thursday December 1, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Publisher

I often get asked how it was that I became the LinkedIn Expert. The simple answer is I got the name first. I was also very lucky to get into a new industry early on (meaning the URLs and the handle LinkedIn Expert hadnt been taken yet.) And I was fortunate to create a bit of a name for myself since there really weren't too many other people doing what I was at the time. (Especially as a female in what was then a male dominated world.) But really, becoming an expert in my industry, besides luck and timing, was a combination of diligence, work, and positioning. Not everyone needs to be a LinkedIn Expert. But you can be an expert in your field on LinkedIn! Here are some steps to take. KISS Keywords First of all, know what people are looking for. I tried on all kinds of titles when I... Read More

LinkedIn Publisher Gets a New Look!

By: Viveka Friday September 30, 2016 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Expert, New on LinkedIn

Even though I'm on vacation, I wanted you to know about the new Publisher Interface. YouTube Video: Check out the video here: Why Isnt It Working? First of all, know that Publisher doesn't seem to be working on Chrome. At least, it wasn't working on my Chrome. Publisher was there, but none of these features showed up. See image below. Also the main image wouldn't load. But have no fear! Just go to a different browser. It worked for me in Firefox and Safari (although another client had issues with Firefox.) What Publisher Looks Like When It Does Work! When you go to your homepage and click on "Write an article," LinkedIn will take you to the new LinkedIn Publisher. Add your main visual right up top. (Im not sure, but I think the 700 x 400... Read More

100 Blogs on LinkedIn: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The TRUTH

Monday August 10, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publisher

When LinkedIn opened up its publishing program, I was quick to apply for early access. A month later, I got my pencil, and my blogger journey began. Many of my friends and family were discouraging me from "putting yourself out there like that." I ignored their cautions, dove in head first, and 99 blogs later here I am. It's been mostly all good! The professional opportunities that have resulted from my blogging efforts have been incredible, which I will discuss in this post. However, I've had some potholes in the road along my journey. To provide an authentic account, which is the goal of this post, I need to talk about what didn't go so well, and the one truth I have learned about blogging. The Good First and foremost, the best thing to come out of blogging for me has been... Read More

30 LinkedIn Publishing Tips and Resources

Thursday May 28, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn resources

Publishing on LinkedIn can help you gain visibility within your network and specific industry. The opportunities are limitless. However, getting started and generating a following can be tough. Use these 30 tips and resources to speed up your learning curve, and start creating powerful blog posts on LinkedIn today. 1) Write from the heart. See this post from Andy Books as a great benchmark: The Hardest Part is the Failure. 2) Inject some humor into your posts. If you can provide a first time reader with valuable info that they can use to better themselves in life or in their career AND make them laugh all in the same post, you will have gained a new follower. 3) Use a crisp, clean, and clear image as the cover photo to catch the reader's attention. 4) Understand the... Read More

Are your LinkedIn blog posts showing up in Google Search?

Tuesday May 5, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Blog Post

I am the group owner of Publishers Bloggers, an active member of Writers 4 Writers, and a frequenter of Writing on LinkedIn. These communities have been a buzz about the new analytics LinkedIn recently rolled out for long-form posts. The additional data points and brilliant insights it provides to writers has been unanimously applauded by everyone I've spoken to and on all the online conversations I've witnessed. Among the updates, writers can now see who has shared their posts. This enables them to engage with every person that shared their post which can gain them additional followers and views. Additionally, the new data shows the top four geographic locations of the writer's audience on each post. For a detailed account of all of the updates on LinkedIn see a recent post from... Read More

John White - Your LinkedIn Publisher Go To Guy!

By: Viveka Sunday September 7, 2014 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Publishing

John White - Your LinkedIn Publisher Go To Guy!

Its kind of cool when you discover someone you admire has been admiring you back! No - I'm not talking - I'm talking! I've been keeping an eye on John White - who's been doing it right on LinkedIn all along. Turns out he was keeping an eye on me too ! (you can read his article on Pulse here!) And now we're teaming up to bring you his LinkedIn Publsiher expertise on the #LinkedInChat Tuesday night! Here's a bit more about John. According to his profile he's a forward thinking digital marketing and social sales executive. He's had over twelve years of business development within the technology sector that includes creating campaigns that drive new business within SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise. He has an established history... Read More

Why and How to Use New LinkedIn Publisher

By: Viveka Friday February 28, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publishing, LinkedIn Publisher, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn News, Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn Publisher is here! LinkedIn Publishing - originally available only to LinkedIn Influencers is here (or soon will be) for the general public! I just got access today and wanted to share it with you ASAP . Here's a Short Video on how to use it: For those of you who read - here's how to do it: 1. You know you have LinkedIn Publisher when you have the little pen in your updates field. (Or you get the email telling you you now have it! 2. Create some new content- I recommend doing it in a word doc first to catch spelling errors - but don't add formatting, you can do that on LinkedIn Publisher 3. Paste into Publisher and add formatting, hyperlinks, images, bullets, etc. 4. Save it 5. PREVIEW IT (you'd be suprised the glitches that pop up!) 6. Post it... Read More