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LinkedIn's Profile Re-Design is Here

By: Viveka Thursday May 17, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn Format

LinkedIn's New User Interface - Cleaner and Easier to Use Editor's note:  No sooner did this post go up than it appears that LinkedIn has pulled the new UI!  If you still have access to the new UI (Which would look like the picture below) please let me know.  Thanks - Viveka I was right in the middle of a webinar this afternoon when LinkedIn changed its user interface.  I like it.  Its very clean looking and seems to be inspired by the new iPad format.  Here's what you'll be getting: 1.  An Easier Photo Edit:  In case you were wondering how to upload your photo onto LinkedIn, the new user format makes it blatantly obvious with and giant blue "Edit Photo" hyperlink. 2. Name and Professional Headline:  You'll go to the same page to edit your Name and... Read More