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LinkedIn for Job Seekers: An Interview with Jason Alba

By: Viveka Monday May 28, 2012 comments Tags: Json Alba, I'm on LinkedIn, now What

LinkedIn for Job Seekers:  Advice from Jason Alba ! I recently interviewed Jason Alba, author of LinkedIn Expert s and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to LinkedIn for job seekers. Jason Alba’s Bio: Jason’s new career as a LinkedIn aficionado started sometime in 2006.  Prior to that he was an IT manager and General Manager of a small IT company, finding it to be a very important learning experience…until he was laid off in January 2006. He started his first job search then and found the job search experience to … suck. He wrote I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? in September 2007.  This book has sold thousands of copies and has been a significant factor in Jason becoming a “professional speaker.”  He co-authored I’m on... Read More