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What’s Up LinkedIns Sleeve in Q1?

By: Viveka Friday January 16, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Tips and Tr, LinkedIn Company Pag, LinkedIn Expert, New on LinkedIn

What’s Up LinkedIns Sleeve in Q1?

LinkedIn is coming up with some pretty cool new tools to help employees with the connection and engagement within their own companies on LinkedIn. A big thank you to Re/Tool Blog for reporting the latest and greatest! Intra Office Communication Tool These new intra-office tools will help employees not only to stay connected, but will encourage the sharing of contact info. It appears to be a CRM system similar to Salesforce, but embedded within LinkedIn. There is no word yet as to what this will cost and if it is in fact just a revamp of the current relationship between LinkedIn and Salesforce through the Sales Navigator tool. You can read more about this new tool here: Redesigned Home Page... Read More

How to create a stylish email signature with LinkedIn

By: Viveka Wednesday May 28, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Apps, 3rd Party Apps, LinkedIn Signature

How to create a stylish email signature with LinkedIn

WiseStamp helps YOU create stylish signatures! Ever wish you could put a stylish snapshot of your LinkedIn Profile as your signature line ? Or are you frustrated when your email sig looks like gobblygook when read through another browser or email client? Well - I have a solution for you! has created a email signature applet that pulls your pic, professional headline and public profile URL and arranges them into a stylish signature stamp that holds its formatting and professional appearance across browsers and email clients. Try it out for free at Frustrated with your mac or iPhone signature? No problem, wise stamp has a solution for that too: How to add your WiseStamp signature to Mac Mail ? How to set WiseStamp on my iPhone? ... Read More

LinkedIn Scheduling Tool: Oktopost

By: Viveka Monday March 31, 2014 comments Tags: Oktopost, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn Scheduling Tool: Oktopost

# LinkedInChat with Oktopost Director of marketing, Mark Lerner With all the changes LinkedIn is making with Publisher and Company Pages (getting rid of Products and Services Pages ) its a good thing that there's a tool like Oktopost ! On Tuesday April 1st, we have Oktopost's Director of Marketing, Mark Lerner to tell us more about how we can use Oktopost and LinkedIn ! Mark and Oktopost Mark joined Oktopost in October of 2013 and was the first full time employee. Mark has a BA in Psychology from Boston University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.At Oktopost , Mark has helped the B2B social media marketing platform establish itself as the go-to platform for B2B marketers to generate leads and measure ROI . Mark is a marketing expert with... Read More

10 Social Media Power-Tools that will Generate Leads from your Social Networks

By: Geir Freysson Tuesday May 7, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn CRM

10 Social Media Power Tools When it comes to creating leads for your business, chances are you already have an incredibly valuable resource at your disposal already: your own social network. But what's the best way to leverage this resource? From discovering new leads to maintaining links to old ones, here are ten power-tools that will help you turn your social network into the ultimate lead generating device. 1: Five Hundred Plus - never lose touch with your LinkedIn contacts again Do you phone your mother regularly? Its called staying in touch. How many potential business connections or clients were once in your network but havent heard from you in ages? Thats called losing touch. Five Hundred Plus ( )is a web application that helps remember to... Read More

LinkedIn's New Contacts Feature

By: Viveka Monday April 29, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Networking, Social Media, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedInExpert, Social Media Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn News, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, Lost Touch feature

LinkedIn's New Contacts Feature: The Best Thing to Happen to LinkedIn Since LinkedIn! In case you haven't noticed by my overly long title I'm a huge fan of LinkedIn's New Contacts feature. In fact, Miles Austin and I will be doing a free webinar on LinkedIn Contacts next Tuesday (May 7th) at 9 AM PST, noon EST. Click HERE to sign up! LinkedIn's New Contacts - So Easy! Where to Get It I'll be doing several posts on the new Contacts since there's so much to show. But you should get started with it now! If you don't have it yet, you can get it at If you have an iPhone or iPad you can also get the LinkedIn Contacts App from iTunes: If you are nervous about... Read More

LinkedIn Help Forum Giving Us New Answers

By: Viveka Monday March 25, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn News, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn help, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Help Center, help forum

Did you know LinkedIn had a help forum? I was chatting with my new LinkedIn friend Huub Ritzema  about LinkedIn's help feature, and he reminded me about their "new" Help forum. Just in case you haven't checked it out yet, it's worth the gander. If you click on "Help Center" at the very very bottom of your profile on the left-hand side, it will take you to  LinkedIn's Help Center.  (The Help Center is also featured in the new UI).  Once you're in the Help Center you can click on Help Forum. From this help forum, you can search questions that have already been asked and answered, or even start your own discussion. So this is nothing like LinkedIn Answers where you could ask questions about anything business related. But at least you can ask questions to the forum... Read More

Communicating on LinkedIn - Best Practices

By: Viveka Tuesday February 5, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, Best Practices, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn Tools, inviations, messages, introduction, community engagement

Communicating on LinkedIn Effective Communication on LinkedIn: Getting to Trust How to effectively engage with your network on LinkedIn.  What to do (and what NOT to do) when getting people to “Know, Like and Trust” you. Types of Engagement: Community Engagement: Profile Copy Profile Updates Company Page Updates Targeted Company Page Updates Group Discussions Polls Direct Engagement: Invitations Introductions Recommendations Endorsed Skills InMails Connection Messaging Group member Messaging Community Engagement Profile and Page Copy You engage with your audience with the copy on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page.  From your Professional... Read More

31 LinkedIn Blog Posts of Interest for 2013

By: Viveka Tuesday January 8, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Predictions, Prediction Articles, New user Interface

31 LinkedIn Articles that I Wrote and or Found Interesting in 2012 LinkedIn Resources Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! I thought I would put together a list of some of the helpful LinkedIn Articles I found this year. Some are mine; some are from my LinkedIn buddies! At the very least, this will be a great post to bookmark and keep (and share) as a LinkedIn resource tool! Prediction Articles LinkedIn Predictions for 2013 My friend Rui Pedro Caramez wrote this great article on what hes love to see from LinkedIn: I made these predictions (some of which are coming true hooray!) Andy Foote had... Read More

6 Cool New Features on LinkedIn – Plus a Video Tour!

By: Viveka Tuesday November 13, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, New on LinkedIn, Using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, New LinkedIn UI

Let's Take a Tour of the New LinkedIn Profile Relating and Connecting Easier on the New LinkedIn Profile I received an invitation today from Brandon Moase in Kelowna, British Columbia. Since I also lived on British Columbia and we both have Wheaten Terriers, I thought I would use his profile to show you all the cool new things on LinkedIn. (PS - if you want to experience the new profile first hand, see Brandon's profile and invite him to connect !) For more details on the new user interface read this blog article: Video Tour of the "New" LinkedIn Cool New Look First of all the look is new, clean and image-centric. LinkedIn has added a lot of new images and logos to its... Read More

Hookflash. Work. Life. Simplified

By: Viveka Monday July 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Biz Dev

If Skype and LinkedIn had a secret affair, the result might be hookflash! I recently met Trent Johnsen on one of our #LinkedInChat sand discovered he was the co-founder of hookflash . Hookflash is a really cool iPad app (and business tool) that allows you to make calls and meet your LinkedIn connections face to face (well, over your iPad 2 or 3.) I always say that LinkedIn is just the first step in building relationships, and hookflash takes you to that next needed level of real-time f2f interaction! OK right now it is only available for the iPad, but I am sure other tablets and smart devices are coming soon. According to a recent hook flash blog article, the iPhone is on the way, and then there will be a browser-based version for everyone. ... Read More