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Hachi: A New Introduction Tool for Better Social Media Connecting!

By: Viveka Monday July 2, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn help, LinkedIn Tools, Hachi, GoHachi

Hachi leads you down the right path! My friend and co-moderator of the LinkedIn chat, Steve Cassady (@SteveCassady), recently introduced me to it cool new tool called Hachi Think of it as LinkedIn Introductions on steroids. Not only will it show you the best person to make an introduction for you on LinkedIn, it will go into Twitter, Facebook and Hoover's to find the best Introducer. One of the limitations of being an open networker on LinkedIn, is that I often don't know the people that I want to get an introduction from. Or, I might know them, but I'm not as aware as I should be of their social media engagement. So if I ask for an introduction, I don't know if it's going to sit in their inbox for an hour, a day, a week or year! Hachi solves all those problems for me,... Read More