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@JillKonrath, SNAP Selling and LinkedIn.

By: Viveka Tuesday July 17, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Strategies, Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling, @JillKonrath, Selling and LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Sales

Why I love Jill Konrath's Book SNAP Selling and how LinkedIn can help you with your Sales Strategy. I was just re-reading Jill Konrath's book "SNAP Selling" and am reminded how important it is to have a snapshot of your ideal client or customer. I talk a lot about this in the second chapter of my book, "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day," but since it hasn't released yet, I thought I might mention it here too. Unless you really like cold calling and rejection, it's a really good idea to not only to do your research on your prospective clients, but also to be very clear on what kind of clien t your perspective client is.  Being able to serve anyone in business, anyone with the start up, anyone with the face, anyone with a body, or anyone with health issues, is not... Read More