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Selling is a SNAP on LinkedIn with Jill Konrath

By: Viveka Friday November 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Strategies, Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling, LinkedIn for Sales

SNAP Selling Strategies on LinkedIn I don’t know about you, but as I approach a new year I am becoming more and more aware of the things I need to put into place in order for my next year to be more proactive, more focused and more successful!  No more of this “business by reaction” thing I’ve had going on this year.  I am going to get organized, get systemized and get busy! The problem is I’m already crazy busy. I know I need to be more focused on sales, selling my own services, selling my book, selling my products, but I’m just too busy.  Plus I hate selling. And that’s where Jill Konrath comes in. Jill is a freaking genius.  I’m not kidding.   She just “gets” sales.  Her book SNAP Selling is my sales bible.  When... Read More

@JillKonrath, SNAP Selling and LinkedIn.

By: Viveka Tuesday July 17, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Strategies, Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling, @JillKonrath, Selling and LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Sales

Why I love Jill Konrath's Book SNAP Selling and how LinkedIn can help you with your Sales Strategy. I was just re-reading Jill Konrath's book "SNAP Selling" and am reminded how important it is to have a snapshot of your ideal client or customer. I talk a lot about this in the second chapter of my book, "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day," but since it hasn't released yet, I thought I might mention it here too. Unless you really like cold calling and rejection, it's a really good idea to not only to do your research on your prospective clients, but also to be very clear on what kind of clien t your perspective client is.  Being able to serve anyone in business, anyone with the start up, anyone with the face, anyone with a body, or anyone with health issues, is not... Read More