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Lance Scoular: International Man of Mystery - Ok - Of Social Media!

By: Viveka Tuesday January 22, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Chat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkChat, Lance Scoular, The Savvy Navigator

Lance Scoular: The Savvy Navigator I am super excited to bring Lance Scoular to the #LinkedInChat. Hes an incredibly successful international businessman who will be bringing his years of experience to the chat tonight.(Read about him here: ) Not only was he raised in import, export, and shipping creating a very successful international trade business within that industry - but he is one of the thought leaders in social media strategy and training. With over 40 years as a practitioner, facilitator and trainer in the International Trade and Transport sector (Import/Export), and initially a social media sceptic, Lance was dismissive of LinkedIn and Facebook invitations he received from students and clients in early 2008. ... Read More

LinkedInChat and the Social Media Facebook Chat: YOU be the LinkedInExpert

By: Viveka Monday July 4, 2011 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, Andrea Vahl, @SMExaminer, @AndreaVahl

Social Media Examiner Chat: On Friday July 1 st , Andrea Vahl of the Social Media Examine r asked me to do a stint as their “ LinkedIn Expert ” on their now famous Facebook Chat.  (If you have not yet attended one of these – I highly recommend them!  They take place every Friday at 1 PM EST.) Since not all my LinkedIn Expert s out there – I decided to bring the questions to the   #LinkedInCha t so that YOU all could answer. So on Tuesday July 5 th , Tuesday July 12 th and Tuesday July 19th - I will be posting the same questions for YOU to answer that  I answered on on Friday.  And for those reading this blog who don’t do Tweetchats and just want a transcript – I have the questions and answers posted below. Tweetchat: ... Read More

LinkedIn isn't Kidding: Name and Name Only!

By: Viveka Tuesday August 25, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, LinkedIn Name Field

Was a time I was listed on LinkedIn's People Search first page (and usually in the first few positions) as "LinkedIn Expert", "LinkedIn Trainer," "LinkedIn Speaker, " "Social Media Speaker," and "Social Media Trainer" etc, etc. You get the picture. That was when I had my name simply as Viveka von Rosen So just use your first name in the first name field Your last name in the last name field And ladies - you now have a maiden name field. And please, take LinkedIn's End User Agreement seriously! ... Read More

The Ten

By: Viveka Friday July 31, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn and Twitter, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

The Ten Be's of Social Media Be relevant Be informative - give information away - a lot Be human - create relationships Be current Be substantial Be transparent (be able to back your claims up) Be in touch (pick up the phone!) Be clear on your brand Be clear on your keywords (OPTIMIZE) Be prolific Don't' BE PUSHY More on social media at the Best Practice Institute in November ... Read More

Social Media Speaker and Self Proclaimed LinkedIn Expert can admit that she ‘might’ have been wrong!

By: Viveka Saturday June 6, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker

Turns out I wasn't - wrong that is... While this technique got me found on Google. It got me shut down on LinkedIn. DON"T DO IT! At least if you are known as "The LinkedIn Expert ise (Which is self proclaimed - and occasionally fallible.) ... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Says: Ten Things NOT to do on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Saturday May 2, 2009 comments Tags: Integrated Alliances, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

Here's the bonus right up front - when LinkedIn tells you your profile is 100% complete, don't believe it! Here's why: 1. Don't put anything in the name field - other than your name. I catch many "super users" (usually recruiters) making this common mistake. Thinking they will be more "contactable" they add email addresses, phone numbers and group affiliations into the "name" field (when editing "Basic Information" on LinkedIn. ) They think that: John A. Smith ([email protected]) LION will get them more hits than a simple: John Smith (Hey - I did this too when I first started on LinkedIn) The problem is that LinkedIn will categorize you incorrectly, which means you'll be harder to find when someone types your name in. It also means you will be harder to find in the "contacts"... Read More