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Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By: superadmin Thursday March 19, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Spam, LinkedIn SWAM, LinkedIn Groups

Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By John White LinkedIn groups are a mega opportunity for networking and personal branding. They are a fantastic way to share your own content, and engage on the content of others' you would like to connect with. Groups provide you with a targeted networking opportunity that you can't get elsewhere. Related Post : Are You a LinkedIn Influencer? However, in my opinion there is a huge glitch in the system that is causing a degraded user experience within all LinkedIn groups. The glitch I am referring to is Site Wide Automated Monitoring (SWAM), LinkedIn's automated system they put in place in an effort to prevent users from spamming in groups. With SWAM, if any group moderator either intentionally or unintentionally flags one your posts, your posting status becomes... Read More

Portrait(s) of a Spammer

By: Viveka Wednesday August 1, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Spam, LinkedIn Spammers

What to look for in the newest rash of LinkedIn Spammers Are all HR Directors so attractive? I recently wrote a post on Spammers on LinkedIn , and decided I needed to follow it up with the detailed specifics of what a spammers profile might look like. I am an open networker (you might know us as LIONs) which means I will usually accept an invitation from anyone - even folks I don't know.  But even I have become significantly more cautious.  I no longer accept invitations from: People without photos People without anything in their professional headline section People with a company name instead of their name and or People with a logo instead of a picture. Besides being suspicious, using a company name and logo goes against LinkedIn... Read More