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Lance Scoular: International Man of Mystery - Ok - Of Social Media!

By: Viveka Tuesday January 22, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Chat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkChat, Lance Scoular, The Savvy Navigator

Lance Scoular: The Savvy Navigator I am super excited to bring Lance Scoular to the #LinkedInChat. Hes an incredibly successful international businessman who will be bringing his years of experience to the chat tonight.(Read about him here: ) Not only was he raised in import, export, and shipping creating a very successful international trade business within that industry - but he is one of the thought leaders in social media strategy and training. With over 40 years as a practitioner, facilitator and trainer in the International Trade and Transport sector (Import/Export), and initially a social media sceptic, Lance was dismissive of LinkedIn and Facebook invitations he received from students and clients in early 2008. ... Read More

What Makes a LinkedIn Group Engaging and Sticky?

By: Viveka Monday August 6, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, LinkChat

The Anatomy of a Great Group Description What makes a group engaging and sticky?  Certainly the discussions, posts, content and interaction within the group; but you must first build your group on a strong foundation.  And for that you need an excellent group description and a great set of group rules.  Fortunately we have Anne Thornley-Brown , Group Manager of “Event Planning and Event Management ” ( founded and owned by Julius Solaris @tojulius) to show us how! What’s the result of a great group discussion?  I took the effort to go through all 50 of my groups in order to find one I could leave so that  I could join Julius's subgroup “Social Media and Event Technology for Event Planners and Meeting Planners ”  (that Anne manages). That is how enticing and... Read More

Do you think LinkedIn is at all useful to the B2C Market?

By: Viveka Tuesday June 14, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Chat, LinkedIn help, LinkChat

#LinkedInChat now on Stanzr and Twitter This week we’ll be trying to do #LinkedInChat. You can join us at 5 PM PST, 8 PM EST on or This week’s questions are: Q1. Are you a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) business? Q2. As a B2B, do you also connect to people as a consumer? Q3. As a B2C, are you connecting with individuals to help you with your business or buy your product – or both? Q4. As a B2B or B2C - are you finding the right clients on LinkedIn? Q5. What kind of B2C products “work” on LinkedIn? Q6. What kind of B2C products “don’t work” on LinkedIn? Q7. s there ever a time when you can use LinkedIn as a platform to sell your consumer... Read More