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How Big Brands Get It Right With LinkedIn

By: Kristen Graminga Friday December 20, 2013 comments Tags: products & services , recent updates, videos, career, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Success, Social Media Tips

How Big Brands Get It Right With LinkedIn With an emphasis on authorship and content in todays marketing climate, as well as the proliferation of social media and networking, LinkedIn has become a vital tool in conveying brand identity, creating leads, and spreading awareness. Many small business leaders feel that they dont have the time or money to dedicate to a full-blown social media strategy, and dont see any realistic ROI from integrating LinkedIn. In reality, small companies can learn a lot by paying attention to the big guys, including how to do social media, and more specifically LinkedIn, in an efficient manner that maximizes its benefits. Here are examples of how big brands are getting it right with LinkedIn. Recent Updates Using the Recent Updates module in... Read More

LinkedIn's New Contacts Feature

By: Viveka Monday April 29, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Networking, Social Media, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedInExpert, Social Media Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn News, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, Lost Touch feature

LinkedIn's New Contacts Feature: The Best Thing to Happen to LinkedIn Since LinkedIn! In case you haven't noticed by my overly long title I'm a huge fan of LinkedIn's New Contacts feature. In fact, Miles Austin and I will be doing a free webinar on LinkedIn Contacts next Tuesday (May 7th) at 9 AM PST, noon EST. Click HERE to sign up! LinkedIn's New Contacts - So Easy! Where to Get It I'll be doing several posts on the new Contacts since there's so much to show. But you should get started with it now! If you don't have it yet, you can get it at If you have an iPhone or iPad you can also get the LinkedIn Contacts App from iTunes: If you are nervous about... Read More

The Ten

By: Viveka Friday July 31, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn and Twitter, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

The Ten Be's of Social Media Be relevant Be informative - give information away - a lot Be human - create relationships Be current Be substantial Be transparent (be able to back your claims up) Be in touch (pick up the phone!) Be clear on your brand Be clear on your keywords (OPTIMIZE) Be prolific Don't' BE PUSHY More on social media at the Best Practice Institute in November ... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Says: Ten Things NOT to do on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Saturday May 2, 2009 comments Tags: Integrated Alliances, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

Here's the bonus right up front - when LinkedIn tells you your profile is 100% complete, don't believe it! Here's why: 1. Don't put anything in the name field - other than your name. I catch many "super users" (usually recruiters) making this common mistake. Thinking they will be more "contactable" they add email addresses, phone numbers and group affiliations into the "name" field (when editing "Basic Information" on LinkedIn. ) They think that: John A. Smith ([email protected]) LION will get them more hits than a simple: John Smith (Hey - I did this too when I first started on LinkedIn) The problem is that LinkedIn will categorize you incorrectly, which means you'll be harder to find when someone types your name in. It also means you will be harder to find in the "contacts"... Read More