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LinkedIn’s New Profile User Interface is Cleaner - but has LinkedIn Given Up Functionality?

By: Viveka Monday August 20, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, New profile changes

LinkedIn Makes Some Good Changes to their New Profile User Interface New LinkedIn Profile UI Its funny – when LinkedIn released its new UI (black menu bar and not much else) I was rather disappointed.  And other than the timing on the new Profile UI (My book literally went into print the day before it was released) I am liking the new changes. Since I don’t have access to it yet, my friend and client Skip Bryan said I could use his profile!  Thanks Skip. If you do better watching a video rather than reading- check out the video tour I did of Skip’s profile showing you the difference. So - LinkedIn released its new profile user interface update on the 18th. I think it looks great! What I like: Cleaner look Easier to... Read More