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LinkedIn’s Newest Look? Love it or List It????

By: Viveka Friday October 23, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn User Interf, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Update

So Thought you might want to look at the new LinkedIn user interface. And yes, I'm going to give you my honest opinions of it. For instance, I think it looks a little bit juvenile. I preferred the old user interface, but they didn't ask me. As far as functionality, everything is pretty much the same except for Groups. In fact, my feeling is that this new user interface overhaul was designed to align with the new looks of Groups, as well as the new LinkedIn Groups App and New LinkedIn Mobile App. Other than the new blue bar up top, everything seems to be right now as it was. When you go to your homepage, everything that you're used to seeing is still there. You can view your recent activity, see who's viewed your profile, who's viewed your posts. Your share an update , ... Read More