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Are You a Professional Speaker Using LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Tuesday September 4, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, #WSACHat, #Speakerchat

12 Ways to Spice Up Your Speaker’s Profile on LinkedIn I recently wrote a basic post on spicing up your profile for business people of all kinds, but since I am heavily involved in the Women Speakers Association  (and a speaker myself) I thought I'd revamp it.  Also - LinkedIn has made changes even since I wrote my last article, and those will be reflected below as well. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn for a while – then its time to check it out.  Amongst other things, LinkedIn has really changed its User Interface and that has changed the way your profile looks. No more excuses.  Sign on to LinkedIn and make these changes today! 1.  Treat your LinkedIn profile like a website: Before you even get started, make sure your existing profile is free of spelling... Read More