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LinkedIn, Social Marketology and Ric Dragon

By: Viveka Monday September 10, 2012 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn Strategies, @RicDragon, Social Marketology

Why you need a Goal and Strategy in your Social Media Campaign I am super excited to have Ric Dragon, CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch on the #LinkedInChat on Tuesday, September 11 th . Ric has more than 20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and digital marketing. He’s a super busy speaker and regular guest columnist for Marketing Land , and Social Media Monthly .  And he is going to give us a whole hour of his time! So your homework is to make yourself familiar with his new book, Social Marketology , (McGraw-Hill, June 2012) or at least read this blog post and come prepared with any and all questions you have for him! When I wrote LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day , I made sure that one of the first... Read More