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LinkedIn Marketing in an Hour a Day (or Less)

By: Viveka Monday September 17, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LIMHAD, LinkedIn Marketing

I t's Launch Day for LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day I’ve read all kinds of blogs that say a little self-promotion is OK – so I hope you all will forgive me this but: MY NEW BOOK, LINKEDIN MARKETING: AN HOUR A DAY JUST RELEASED! I’m not usually given to shouty characters, but this is kinda a big deal for me.  Its been an interesting process writing LIMHAD (My affectionate name for this rather bulkily titled book.) I thought I’d share some of the questions people have asked me during this process: Q:  Do you really have to spend an hour a day on LinkedIn? A:  Actually, that is the name of the series, so that became the name of the book.  There are very few practices in the book that will take a full hour to complete. (And a few that might... Read More