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Content Creation Dream Team

By: Viveka Friday September 28, 2012 comments Tags: Ric Dragon, Mithc Joel, Denise Wakeman, Lou Bortone, Seth Godin

Who would be your content creation dream team? If you were able to create your dream team of "content creators".  The people you look to at the leading edge of thought leadership when it comes to creating and sharing content on social media, who would they be? Please add the people you think of when you hear the term "content" creator to the list below.  You can add their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail or Website URLs. Why am I doing this?  A friend of mine is thinking of putting just such a conference together, so I am gathering names for him, and I am also looking for folks to have on my LinkedInChat and in my next book. Hope you will share the people you admire with us below: [listly id="1pT" theme="light" layout="full" numbered="yes"... Read More