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What are You Thankful for on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Tuesday November 20, 2012 comments Tags: New LinkedIn UI, Newest LinkedIn UI

5  Things to be Thankful for in LinkedIn’s New(est) User Interface. I’m being a little proactive here as I STILL DON’T HAVE THE NEW LINKEDIN USER INTERFACE . When I wrote this post I was SURE I would have it by now!  (Hint hint LinkedIn!)  Nonetheless, because of the way LinkedIn is rolling them out, we are able to see what the new interface looks like for other members, and even make use of the new interface before we get our own!  (‘Cause I still don’t have one... I mean – its not like I wrote a book on LinkedIn or anything – oh wait!  I did!) Anyway – to check out what the new UI looks like, take a gander at: Read More