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Newest LinkedIn Statistic: LinkedIn and Twitter in a Neck to Neck Race!

By: Viveka Thursday October 15, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Stats

Here are the facts from this mornings LinkedIn Blog ! LinkedIn now has 50 million users worldwide and are growing roughly one new member per second. According to the blog, when LinkedIn launched in 2003, it took 477 days to reach their first million members. This last million took only 12 days. Almost half of LinkedIns total membership is international. The Blog tells us LinkedIn has 11 million users in Europe alone. India is currently the fastest-growing country - 3 million users. And for those of you in the Netherlands you have the highest rate of adoption per capita outside the U.S., at 30%. Well Twitter at 47 Million its time to catch up! ... Read More