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LinkedIn’s New Awesome Video Feature….

By: Viveka Tuesday August 9, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Video, LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn has a new Video Feature How cool is that? Well maybe not as cool as we thought. But let me back up I spent last week hanging out with my friend Sue B. Zimmerman , (otherwise known as The Instagram Expert .) That's when Instagram stories came out. Well what do you know! At the same time LinkedIn comes out with a video feature . How cool is that? It's LinkedIn, so . New Influencer QA Video Feature I thought, "Oh this is awesome, there's going to be some kind of live chat feature, maybe they're going to infuse Skype-like capabilities into LinkedIn. Worst case scenario there will be some designated video page and we can all start uploading videos now." Not so much. LinkedIn's big offer? Thirty second videos, coming to you from the 500 exclusive... Read More

You Can Now Easily Add Media to Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Viveka Friday December 14, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI, Rich Media, LinkedIn Video

Or Why I Love LinkedIn Again Adding Video to LinkedIn I changed my mind again about LinkedIn's new user interface .  Again.  They pissed me off with the removal of LinkedIn Apps , and LinkedIn Events.  I was also not thrilled with the relagation of  LinkedIn Polls being to a Groups only tool.  That being said, I am in love with the ability to add rich media content to your profile, easily, through a simple link. So I am happy with LinkedIn again. Many folks were upset with the removal of apps – it was all we talked about in the #LinkedInChat last week!  However, this new link makes adding video and other content WAAAAAY easier.  And other apps like Tripit, JD Supra’s Legal Updates and take a bit more set up – but are still relatively easy to... Read More