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Find The Joy In Your Business Day

By: Howard Lewinter Wednesday March 26, 2014 comments Tags: joy in business, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, Howard Lewinter, positive energy, positive approach, positive mindset

Find The Joy In Your Business DaY Do you often find yourself upset and stressed about your business day? You walk into the work day with a great cup of coffee in your hand ready to take on whatever comes your way. Youve got great plans to accomplish many things today. And then for whatever reasons the day begins to unravel and takes on a different flow than you had planned which brings upset and stress. Pause and think for a moment: Do you remember when you started out in business or at the job you currently have? Do you remember how excited you were? Do you remember how you were going to take on the world and make a difference? What happened? How did the upset, stress and overwhelm creep into your business days? The challenge is to keep the... Read More

Does Perfection Have A Place In Your Business Day?

By: Howard Lewinter Friday February 21, 2014 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, biz tip, perfection, business resource

We are all a product of our upbringing, of our culture, of our society, what we see on TV, and what we read. All of our surroundings have an impact, conscious or unconscious, on us. Our surroundings can often give us the impression that we should be perfect. For example, if you look at any of the womens fashion magazines covers, such as Vogue, Glamour or Elle while waiting to check out in the grocery store line, youll see pictures of perfect looking women who are perfectly dressed with perfect make-up, perfect hair and a perfect body. Theres the impression that we should be perfect too. Or if you look at mens fashion magazines such as GQ, youll see male fashion models with perfectly toned bodies dressed in casual or business attire perfection. Looking at the photos have ever felt... Read More

Positive Thinking Brings Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Monday December 16, 2013 comments Tags: positive thinking, Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tip, focus, positive thoughts, optimism

Use the power of your mind very wisely today. Do not affirm the power of your problems; rather, affirm the power to solve them! Marianne Williamso n Great quote, isn't it? Think about it. If you think about business or any subject in a negative way the results will be negative. If you think about problems as an opportunity your unconscious mind will work on positive solutions to get you the results you want. If you think about negative thoughts your unconscious mind will create a great deal of stress in your life and everything will seem unpleasant. Right now there is a lot of negativity in the world. You cant do anything about many of the things making news locally, coast-to-coast or around the globe. It is what it is. Like it or not. Dont think... Read More

9 Tips For Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Friday November 1, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tips, business success

There isnt any business person Ive ever talked to that doesnt want to be successful. People, not just those in business, want to be successful. It just feels good when you are successful at something. And who doesnt want to feel good about what they do and about their day? Especially since the time you spend at work is such a significant part of your day! So lets keep the business success rolling right along each day! Heres 9 tips for business success. 1) Dont promise things you cant deliver. I know youve heard this many times before but its one that is worth repeating and remembering every business day. Heres why with an example everyone can relate to: Its one of the things that salespeople who are not good salespeople do. They promise everything to get the sale... Read More

30 Minutes A Day Can Improve Your Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Monday October 14, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tip, business success, Business Goals

Question: 30 minutes a day? Thats all to improve my business success? Answer: Yes! Heres how to change and improve your level of business success: Every day, as soon as you arrive at work before anyone or anything distracts you, for the first 30 minutes, sit down at your desk with a blank piece of paper and pen in your hand or if you are more comfortable with a computer or other communication device, thats fine and do three things: 1) Make an outline of what you want to accomplish for the day. List everything you can think of that youd like to accomplish just for that day. Not tomorrow. Not the rest of the week. Just today. 2) Now stare at that blank piece of paper (or screen) and write down whatever comes to your mind about what you should do to make your business... Read More

Sometimes You Have To Lose To Win In Business

By: Howard Lewinter Wednesday August 28, 2013 comments Tags: business tip, Weekly Business Tip, Howard Lewinter, biz tip, success in business, perspective

In business and life, so much of what you do is perspective. When things are going well, when the money is flowing in, when all is well with family and friends and you find yourself so busy that you dont have time to think, its human nature to tend not to change anything. But when you dont change anything you also dont grow as a business person. You pretty much stay stagnant. And so does your work even though, at the moment, you may think things are moving along at a productive, positive pace. You just feel good, not as stressed or worried as you might otherwise. But this comfort zone can also give you a false sense of security because you may not be looking at or thinking about your work in ways that you should. And that is why sometimes you have to lose in order to win; in order... Read More

In Business, We All Need Respect To Succeed

By: Howard Lewinter Friday July 26, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, respect in business

As Aretha Franklin famously sings: R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me. Here in South Florida, due to the constant heat and humidity, the garbage is picked up twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. From my office window, I can see when the garbage truck stops in front of the property. I always turn my chair to watch. The garbage collector is one of the people and jobs I admire most! First of all, somebodys got to do it! Garbage collection is a necessary service to modern society. I have always admired the people who actually come around on the trucks to collect the garbage each week, in all kinds of weather, since I was a child. I was fascinated with those big trucks and how the men could make bags of garbage just disappear in seconds! But now, as an adult, my... Read More

What Do Business And The Symphony Have In Common?

By: Howard Lewinter Monday June 17, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, balancing business

Balancing and Harmonizing your Business There are many ways to look at business. One way is to observe life as it is around you and compare it to business. Recently, I was thinking about a flight I took from Pittsburgh (where I am originally from and had been visiting family) to Florida (where I currently live). I had the pleasure of sitting next to a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony who was traveling to Florida to perform. The Pittsburgh Symphony is recognized as a world class organization and performs all over the world. When I lived in Pittsburgh I had the opportunity to attend the symphony often. I talked with the orchestra member for most of the flight and it got me to thinking What do business and a world-class symphony have in common? The answer is many things. Lets... Read More

Business Success Is A Game Of Inches

By: Howard Lewinter Monday May 20, 2013 comments Tags: business tip, Howard Lewinter, biz tip, Weekly Business Tip, success in business

As youre reading this, if you happen to have a ruler close by, take a look at it because today we are going to talk about inches. When you think about it an inch is a really small measurement. Other than when we measure our waistlines, are measuring to remodel the house or watching how fast our children are growing up, we probably never think much about how important an inch can be. Usually, people tend to talk about the big numbers. Such as how far away from planet Earth the edge of the Universe is which is over 13 billion light years away! Thats a lot of inches! Difficult to perceive but its further than your trip to the local grocery store, isnt it? Or what seemed like such a long drive to the beach or the mountains every summer vacation as a child. Or a football player... Read More

Is Fear Keeping You From Being Successful?

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday April 23, 2013 comments Tags: business tip, Howard Lewinter, biz tip, Weekly Business Tip, overcome fear, business, success in business

When we talk about business, were talking about people. Were talking about the human condition. No matter what your role or position in business may be you didnt just become a business person. There was a path to get you there. There was a life cycle to get you there. One of the primary elements that keeps business people from success is fear. Is fear keeping you from being successful? I mean, really successful? Lets go back to the beginning where it starts for everyone on this earth. When children, including yourself, are born they are not afraid. In fact, theyre fearless. The concept of fear hasnt been developed so they have no sense of fear. Fear has to be something that is experienced, to be understood and to be told about. For example, a two year old picks up the... Read More