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30 Minutes A Day Can Improve Your Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Monday October 14, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tip, business success, Business Goals

Question: 30 minutes a day? Thats all to improve my business success? Answer: Yes! Heres how to change and improve your level of business success: Every day, as soon as you arrive at work before anyone or anything distracts you, for the first 30 minutes, sit down at your desk with a blank piece of paper and pen in your hand or if you are more comfortable with a computer or other communication device, thats fine and do three things: 1) Make an outline of what you want to accomplish for the day. List everything you can think of that youd like to accomplish just for that day. Not tomorrow. Not the rest of the week. Just today. 2) Now stare at that blank piece of paper (or screen) and write down whatever comes to your mind about what you should do to make your business... Read More

What’s The Outcome Of Your Business Day?

By: Howard Lewinter Friday July 5, 2013 comments Tags: outcome, Business Goals, Small business resou, business, success in business, business outcome, Social Media, social media strateg, achieving desired ou

Whats The Outcome Of Your Business Day? You are so busy during your business day, doing so many different things, that you probably never stop to ask or think about the word, outcome. But thats exactly what you need to do as you go about your business day. Ask: What is the outcome? Or you may ask: The outcome of what? Answer: The outcome of many things. For example, you have an important appointment with a potential new customer. What outcome do you want from the meeting? More importantly, what outcome does the prospect want? In order to get your desired outcome you need to know what the prospect wants as an outcome. Another example is: social media strategy. What outcome do you want from posting a particular tweet on Twitter, by liking a certain page on Facebook, the... Read More

What Drives You To Success?

By: Viveka Wednesday January 9, 2013 comments Tags: business tip, Howard Lewinter, LinkedIn Goals, Business Goals

Guest post by Howard Lewinter If you are a CEO or business owner: Why are you in business? If you are a management team member or an employee: Why do you work for the company you do? What drives you? What motivates you? Let’s go back to the beginning of each day. When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you think about? What’s important to you? Not what’s important to someone else. Not what’s important to your customers or clients. What’s important to you? These are interesting questions to ask yourself. If you can come up with the answer when you go to work in the morning, any challenge that comes along, any problem, any situation, you’ll be able to resolve without any stress when you know where you... Read More