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How You Manage Determines Your Success

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday February 19, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, business tip, Howard Lewinter, biz tip, management style

What’s your management style? Are you someone who manages by control? Or do you manage by just letting it all happen as it happens? It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a company, a department manager, or an employee who needs to simply manage the responsibilities on your desk, we all have a management style. No matter what we manage in our business day, there are people we interact with in order to get the goals of the day accomplished. If you manage by allowing things to just unfold or happen as they happen, you most likely will not be as successful as you would like. What you will have is chaos and confusion. If you tend to manage by control, for example: “Do what I say” or “It’s my way or the highway”, you won’t be as successful as you... Read More