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Experience Title Fields and Descriptions

By: Viveka Wednesday April 30, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn profile, title fields, descriptions, profile development, get found on LinkedI

Experience Title Fields and Descriptions Placing keywords in your current and past title fields will also help you get found on LinkedIn. You have 100 characters. Your official title will always go first, but adding a colon or space and briefly describing what your company does can greatly increase traffic to your profile. If you are ever unsure of what to include, or need help with formatting, please feel free to look at my profile at so you can see what I have done. Understand your profile does not need to be as extensive as mine, (as this is what I do for a living,) but you can get the idea of what to do in the Title fields from my profile. One area that is often lacking in keywords is the Description section of your Experience. According... Read More

Your LinkedInProfessional Headline - Best Practices

By: Viveka Monday April 21, 2014 comments Tags: profile development, LinkedIn headline, professional headlin, LinkedIn

Professional Headline Your professional headline, the area just underneath your name, is a short (120 character) description of who you are and what you do. Most people will just have their title at company, but they dont actually take the time to describe who they are and what they do. The 120 character limit is not a lot, it is about the length of a sentence; however, it is far better than just writing your title and company, especially if your company name doesnt fully describe what your company does. So, use the professional headline. It is a great place to put a tagline and, if they fit, use some of your most important key words. The other thing to know about your professional headline is that most of your communication on LinkedIn, whether you are responding to a group... Read More

Keywords are your Key to being Found

By: Viveka Monday April 14, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn, Keywords, keywords in profile, LinkedIn keywords, profile keywords, get found on LinkedI, profile development

Keywords are your Key to being Found LinkedIn is similar to Google in that if you have the right keywords in the right places you are much more likely to be found in a search. It is actually easier than Google. Many may already know what their keywords are, but on LinkedIn make sure to keep it simple! When people are looking for you, or someone like you, they may be looking for a social media strategist or a social media marketer. They may be looking for an accountant, but they are not going to search forensics wizard. The simpler and straight-forward your keywords are, the more easily people will be able to find you. That is the goal after all. Where do you look if you dont know what key words to use? Great question. One of the best places to find keywords is actually on... Read More

How to Use LinkedIn: A Job Seekers Guide

By: Viveka Thursday April 25, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Networking, Social Media, Optimizing LinkedIn, profile development, LinkedIn Strategies, linkedin networking, Job Seekers

By Richard McMunn The emergence of social networking sites as arguably the primary method of communication has caused countless changes to the way people interact. LinkedIn is not a social network as such, this mainly down to its much more astutely business appeal. Nevertheless it did pioneer many of the now commonplace functionalities of other networking sites and so making the most of the job seeker benefits it offers, lies in capitalizing on what is now regarded as the social networking model of growth. Getting Started In spite of the comparisons that can be made between LinkedIn and social networks such as Facebook, it is important to remember that this is a professional site and as such it should be treated accordingly. The utmost importance to attention to... Read More

Get Booked and Stay Booked on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Thursday February 28, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn profiles, Viveka von Rosen, profile development, business tip, professional speaker

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Speaker   1. Who are you? Sure you are a speaker, but you need to be clear about what you speak about and who your audience is. I’m sure you already know just what you have to offer – but make sure that your LinkedIn Profile reflects that too!  Very quickly jot down what you are known for, who you speak to.  Now look at your profile.  Would someone reading it know that? 2. Micro Elevator Speech Do you have a book, or a keynote you are known for?  Add them to your Professional Headline section. You have 120 characters to work with.  Think of it as a micro-elevator speech. Mine reads: Author of Wiley’s “LinkedIn Marketing: Hour a Day” ★Forbes Top 10 Most Influential Women★ International Keynote Speaker... Read More

The NEW NEW NEW LinkedIn Profile Revealed

By: Viveka Wednesday October 17, 2012 comments Tags: profile development, New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI

The "New" LinkedIn Let’s hear it for round three of the “New” LinkedIn profile user interface! LinkedIn's New User Interface is awesome LinkedIn’s newest user interface (the 3 rd in as many months) is rolling out today, as was revealed at LinkedIn’s latest press conference . Alas - LinkedIn has turned off their UStream video of the press release  so you can no longer view it. Boo.  Really glad I wrote this article now! I am so very excited about this new roll out because its really seems to be focused on engagement and insights into your network to facilitate that engagement. Here are some cool things to look forward to: Simplified Editing: The New Home page allows both for information and content absorption as well as quick editing.  This... Read More

12 Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

By: Viveka Tuesday August 14, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, profile development, LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Profile Tips Its been awhile since I went over some basic LinkedIn profile tips, so I thought I would touch on some of the basics here and on the #LinkedInChat tonight You can join the #LinkedInChat every Tuesday at 6 PM MST (8 EST) on 1.  Treat your LinkedIn profile like a website: Make sure it is formatted, clean and free of spelling and grammatical errors. There is nothing worse than trying to represent yourself as a profesional and have the word profesional spelled incorrectly! (Did you catch that?  Did it make you cringe?) I have a LinkedIn profile questionnaire that I give my clients (you can download it at in the app).  Use either my questionnaire or a Word (Pages)... Read More

How to Personalize your Public Profile URL

By: Viveka Friday January 20, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, profile development, LinkedIn help, Personal Profile, Personal profile URL, URL, LinkedIn URL, Customizing LinkedIn

Personalize your Public Profile URL Its amazing to me that there are people out there who still havent personalized their LinkedIn Public Profile URL! Not only is a personalized URL easier to remember, but it looks much better in an email signature and on a business card (Or if you are a job seeker on a resume!) Nothing says, Im a LinkedIn neophyte like a public profile that reads: . So - make sure your public profile reflects your name, your business, or your area of expertise: . Example: These URLs are unique, so its possible that your name might be taken. Here are some other options you might consider Use a middle... Read More