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How Account-Based Selling is Connecting the Modern Buyer to the Modern Seller

Monday April 23, 2018 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, Account Based Selling, Selling, marketing

How Account-Based Selling is Connecting the Modern Buyer to the Modern Seller

6 Steps to ABM Success for Todays Fearless Marketer Youve heard of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Your sales team keeps asking about it, and your marketing team keeps trying to perfect it. And if youre attending Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit, youre going to hear a lot more about it. With over a dozen sessions dedicated to ABM, it continues to be one of the hottest topics in digital. But before you wait in line to attend some of the basic introductory sessions, here are some valuable tips on ABM so you can head to San Francisco with some useful ABM tips to maximize your time at the conference. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a proven way to better qualify leads and grow your sales. Thats because cold-calling and spray-and-pray marketing tactics are... Read More

Driving Toward Smarter CX: How a 118 Year-Old B2B Company Leveraged Social for Sales

Friday April 6, 2018 comments Tags: marketing, B2B marketing

By: Angela Wells, Oracle Get additional expert insights from Angela, Neil and the country's top social media marketing experts at The Social Shake-Up Show May 7-9 in Atlanta. Can you imagine a B2B company selling a $150,000 product on social media using 280 characters or less? OK, so its not quite that simple. But Ive had so much fun watching how Mack Trucks has used social media in combination with other marketing channels to launch its first new highway truck in more than 15 years. I recently had the privilege of visiting Mack Trucks inAllentown, Penn. to understand how theyve achieved such impressive social success. I even drove the new model, the Anthem, around its test track. I sat down with Neil Tolbert, director of marketing... Read More

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Brand Advocate to Implement Your Social Media Strategy

Monday November 7, 2016 comments Tags: Cindy Haynes, Social Media, Branding, marketing

Because the world of marketing is developing and changing, informing potential clients about your brand has become more challenging than ever before. Therefore, its a necessity to have a social media strategy in place in order to build a stable social media presence. To achieve the objectives of your social media strategy, you need brand advocates who can identify powerfully with your brand message and voice. Brand advocates of this nature will not only remain loyal but also faithfully advocate your product. You can find brand advocates working within advertising or branding agencies. They are qualified and become extremely knowledgeable of your business, products and entire brand. They know everything about your brand and talk much about it. These individuals play a great role in... Read More

Packaging Design & Brand Identity

Monday October 17, 2016 comments Tags: marketing, Branding, Cindy Haynes

How-to Use Data Consumer Insights to Connect with Your Customers Today, more and more businesses are investing in their marketing efforts. Through these wise investments, they are now able to focus more on analyzing consumer insights and data, which allows these businesses to improve their brand identities and packaging designs. In the past, it was definitely a growing issue of concern that a number of small business owners simply didnt understand their customers behavior and experiences. Now more than ever, its important to become more involved in marketing and branding your business by effectively connecting with your customers. After all, these customers drive your sales, and we all know that sales equals revenue, and revenue equals success. Brand Identity ... Read More

Marketing: Revealing the Unique Benefits of Social Media Research

Sunday September 18, 2016 comments Tags: Social Media, Brandwatch, Research, marketing

Guest Post: Brandwatch For social researchers, the inundation of publicly available social data presents many enticing and important research opportunities that have never before existed. Already, social media research has uncovered interesting insights on the ways we behave and interact online. In our latest guide on social media monitoring, we have outlined many of the ways brands use social media to inform their decisions. While it has been proven to be an effective source of insight for many businesses, social media research is a pioneering venture, and as such we are still trying to grasp the range of capabilities and the limitations that may exist in such research. Before we can understand the important role that social media research plays, lets examine a few... Read More

Marketing Must Read: "Do It! Marketing" by David Newman

By: Viveka Friday April 12, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, books, marketing, David Newman

About the Do It! Marketing Book The thing that makes the book unique is that it's a SALES-focused marketing book. So many marketing books focus on marketing for the sake of marketing. I've collected hundreds of ideas, strategies, tools, tactics, and scripts that will help you do marketing specifically to drive sales. More sales. Better sales. Bigger sales. That's the result of any strong marketing program. The other thing that I'm really excited about is the dozen or so "DO IT! Success Strategy Sidebars" throughout the book, with contributions from outside experts like you, Viv - folks whom I love and respect and who do great work in the realm of marketing, sales, social media, and business development. The book is part action handbook, part field guide, part... Read More