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Marketing Must Read: "Do It! Marketing" by David Newman

By: Viveka Friday April 12, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, books, marketing, David Newman

About the Do It! Marketing Book The thing that makes the book unique is that it's a SALES-focused marketing book. So many marketing books focus on marketing for the sake of marketing. I've collected hundreds of ideas, strategies, tools, tactics, and scripts that will help you do marketing specifically to drive sales. More sales. Better sales. Bigger sales. That's the result of any strong marketing program. The other thing that I'm really excited about is the dozen or so "DO IT! Success Strategy Sidebars" throughout the book, with contributions from outside experts like you, Viv - folks whom I love and respect and who do great work in the realm of marketing, sales, social media, and business development. The book is part action handbook, part field guide, part... Read More