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Women in Social Media Series: Social Media Marketing Ninja - Cecilia Lu

By: Viveka Saturday April 17, 2010 comments Tags: Cecilia Lu, Viveka von Rosen, Female Entrepreneurs

For todays blog on amazing women in social media, I interviewed Cecilia Lu, Networking Ninja for Kiwanu Marketing. Youll be able to read more about her in my soon to be released eBook: New Women of New Media 10 Interviews with Smart Women Making a Difference in the World of Social Media Cecilia Lus passion is forging relationships with people through social media. As the networking ninja of Kiwano Marketing, she stealthily leaps at any chance to make new connections. Cecilia has worked primarily with small businesses and non-profits in the past and is well versed in taking small ideas and budgets to the next level. Her experience to the new and growing social media field provides valuable expertise for small business in the planning and implementation stages. Viveka: You... Read More