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LinkedIn Skills - Is It Worth Your Time? (Revised)

By: Viveka Thursday March 17, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, LinkedIn Skills, Mashable, Bridget Carey, Linked Into Business

LinkedIn Skills I was recently interviewed by both Mashable and the Miami Herald about LinkedIn Skills.  Here's my thoughts on the whole thing. Skills is a double-edged sword for me.   I train people on how to optimize their profiles so they can be found on a LinkedIn search, and of course as more people realize that to get found on LinkedIn, all they need to do is optimize their profile more efficiently with keywords, the actual value of a traditional LinkedIn profile is decreased.  Many people are inputting experience formulated simply to get a higher result on the LinkedIn Search results thereby inaccurately displaying their real qualifications.  This is where I see the real strength of the skills, publications and certifications sections. You can of course fake all... Read More

LinkedIn Company Search Analytics Have Changed

By: Viveka Tuesday March 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Answers, Linked Into Business

Company Search Analytics My inbox has been flooded by people asking me why their companies no longer turn up in the Company Search – even under their own name.  And the short answer is – I don’t know why.  I’ve spoken with other experts and none of us has the answer. When you query LinkedIn, the response goes something like this:  “Searches are usually done by geography and by (X number) of (industry specialists) in the US.  It makes SEO a huge business. My suggestion is to find and hire a consultant. Your account has no technical problems.” But the fact is I probably have one of the best SEO’d personal and company profiles (its what I do for a living) and I have disappeared.  So have many of the other experts in my field. I know its not... Read More

Please Join Michele Price and Me on Women In Business Radio

By: Viveka Sunday February 27, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Secrets, LinkedIn and TOMA, LinkedIn to Business, LinkedIn Success, Michele Price, Breakthrough Radio

Women In Biz Radio w/ Michele Price Woot!  I’m thrilled to be a guest on Michele Price ‘s  Women In Business Radio to discuss LinkedIn and how you can use it effectively in your B2B business. Michele has had some amazing speakers on her Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio show.  Her popular weekly broadcast has featured famous business authors such as Neal Schaffer,   Tony Hsieh of Zappos , author of “Flip the Funnel” Joseph Jaffe , and author of “UnMarketing” Scott Stratten .  The broadcast gives listeners the chance to ask the experts questions in advance as well as tweet them out during the live broadcast. Michele herself is no newbie to social media and is a peer who has amassed a lot of success in both speaking as well as consulting not only on... Read More

Seriously Cool Resource and Inbound Marketing Strategy

By: Viveka Saturday February 26, 2011 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, Anne Hadley, Chris Hughes

Why Social Media ROCKS! So a few months ago this dude, Codrut Turcanu contacted me via LinkedIn.  He had found my (well optimized) profile and asked if I would do an interview for his eBook.  "What the heck?" I thought, "I do interviews all the time - what's one more?" So I answered his questions, went on with my life and didn't really think about it again.  And then a few more emails from Codrut started drifting my way, and I realized this was no simple interview. Codrut (don't you just love saying his name?) had a very strategic plan in place.  You can read about it here: He really gets that social media is first about giving, and then about enticing!  Not only was he leveraging the knowledge of others  - as well as their networks, but he was truly providing valuable... Read More

Tagging your way into TOMA with LinkedIn

By: Viveka Sunday January 2, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, TOMA, WWIFM

LinkedIn Best Practices  -  Tagging Those of you just getting started on LinkedIn – I am so jealous!  One of the great tools that LinkedIn offered last year was the tagging tool.  This is just like “lists” on Facebook, and if you start things off right, you can start immediately with some best practices and communications strategies. Under “Contacts” click on “My Connections” On the left side of you screen you will see “Tags” LinkedIn has already given and qualified some tags for you: group members, friends, partners. colleagues, classmates and untagged.  LinkedIn classifies people into these categories depending on how you invited each other to connect. But there is so much more you can do. You can create up to 200... Read More

B2B Best Practices on LinkedIn Part Two: Optimizing Your Account

By: Viveka Thursday October 21, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen

STEP TWO:  Optimizing your account WHY?  Attract more eyes with customized and optimized content – increased traffic to your online presence 1.      Your LinkedIn Profile is your professional identity , autobiography, brochure or ad on LinkedIn. Think of it as a website showcasing your career, your company, your product or your service.  Like any brochure or website, make sure your content is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. 2.      Use the Professional Headline on your profile to share your areas of expertise and interest. You have 120 characters to work with. This field is weighted heavily in both the LinkedIn Search and Google Search, so use your keywords.  Almost every action you take on LinkedIn is accompanied by... Read More

Sexy Social Media Secrets with Gina Schreck and Trey Pennington (and me)

By: Viveka Saturday October 16, 2010 comments Tags: Twitter, LinkedIn Tips, #LinkedInChat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Strategies, Gina Schreck, Trey Pennington, Sexy Social Media

Every Tuesday night I have a #LinkedInChat on Twitter to share (in 140 character tweets) some of the strategies I employ to make LinkedIn more effective in my business.  Now imagine getting those bite-sized pieces in four comprehensive and cohesive webinars focusing not just on LinkedIn, but Twitter,  Facebook and blogging too! Best yet - these webinars are being taught by two of the most successful social media presences online today Gina Schreck of Synapse3Di and Trey Pennington, author of Spitball Marketing  (and me)!  So here it is: REAL answers to using Social Media strategically and practically. We will be sharing actionable strategies - the strategies you need to avoid the social activities from consuming your time and more importantly, to convert your... Read More

Do you need a professional bio? Call Maryjo Faith Morgan!

By: Viveka Wednesday September 8, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, Viveka's Bio, maryjo Faith Morgan

I have been helping people create Professional LinkedIn Profiles for almost 5 years.  And I'm pretty darned good at it.  But when it comes to working with someone to create a business bio - for your website, for speaking opps, for anything (except LinkedIn of course) - the woman to contact is Maryjo Faith Morgan! Maryjo interviewed me and 20 pages of notes later, this is the bio she created for me.  Wow.  I am even impressed with myself! My new bio: Viveka von Rosen has made a career out of helping people. As CEO of Linked Into Business , Viveka enables business professionals to make personal connections in a professional manner.  When her clients make strides in their careers, she has met her objective. Viveka focuses on working with female entrepreneurs,... Read More

Women in Social Media Series: Social Media Marketing Ninja - Cecilia Lu

By: Viveka Saturday April 17, 2010 comments Tags: Cecilia Lu, Viveka von Rosen, Female Entrepreneurs

For todays blog on amazing women in social media, I interviewed Cecilia Lu, Networking Ninja for Kiwanu Marketing. Youll be able to read more about her in my soon to be released eBook: New Women of New Media 10 Interviews with Smart Women Making a Difference in the World of Social Media Cecilia Lus passion is forging relationships with people through social media. As the networking ninja of Kiwano Marketing, she stealthily leaps at any chance to make new connections. Cecilia has worked primarily with small businesses and non-profits in the past and is well versed in taking small ideas and budgets to the next level. Her experience to the new and growing social media field provides valuable expertise for small business in the planning and implementation stages. Viveka: You... Read More