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In Business, We All Need Respect To Succeed

By: Howard Lewinter Friday July 26, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, respect in business

As Aretha Franklin famously sings: R E S P E C T Find out what it means to me. Here in South Florida, due to the constant heat and humidity, the garbage is picked up twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. From my office window, I can see when the garbage truck stops in front of the property. I always turn my chair to watch. The garbage collector is one of the people and jobs I admire most! First of all, somebodys got to do it! Garbage collection is a necessary service to modern society. I have always admired the people who actually come around on the trucks to collect the garbage each week, in all kinds of weather, since I was a child. I was fascinated with those big trucks and how the men could make bags of garbage just disappear in seconds! But now, as an adult, my... Read More