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9 Tips For Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Friday November 1, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tips, business success

There isnt any business person Ive ever talked to that doesnt want to be successful. People, not just those in business, want to be successful. It just feels good when you are successful at something. And who doesnt want to feel good about what they do and about their day? Especially since the time you spend at work is such a significant part of your day! So lets keep the business success rolling right along each day! Heres 9 tips for business success. 1) Dont promise things you cant deliver. I know youve heard this many times before but its one that is worth repeating and remembering every business day. Heres why with an example everyone can relate to: Its one of the things that salespeople who are not good salespeople do. They promise everything to get the sale... Read More

Become One With Your Work

By: Howard Lewinter Monday September 23, 2013 comments Tags: business tips

BE... DO... HAVE... Business Zen My friend Howard Lewinter recently wrote the following post and it struck a chord with me. (I'll tell you why later - but first read his post below) Howard: Whether you are a jet fighter pilot flying at 600 miles an hour or a NASCAR driver going 200 mph around the track you dont have time to think. If you stop and think chances are youll die. Sounds extreme but such endeavors require full, deep concentration and focus. You must become one with the plane or the car. You must understand every aspect of how the plane or car operates. There is no time to think or react. Rather you acknowledge the power and the force of the machine by becoming one with it. You must just be. Its really no different as you go about your business day. You cant just... Read More

5 Ways To Becoming a Networking Superhero

By: Geir Freysson Monday July 29, 2013 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, Geir Freysson, LunchMeet, CardMunch, Fivehundredplus, BufferApp, business tips, apps, applications

Batman wasnt born with his superpowers; hes a self-made man. The same goes for networking heroes. People arent born networkers - they hone their skills and build up their network with hard graft. In tribute to the caped crusader, weve put together five pieces of advice on how to become a networking super hero - and the right power tools for the job, straight from the Batcave. 1) They may be drinkers, Robin, but they're also human beings Hardly anyone goes out networking looking to buy something. Connecting with people on LinkedIn can help you form long-term relationships rather than going in for the hard sell ten seconds into a conversation with someone youve just met. These folks may be networking, but theyre also human beings. Once youve connected on LinkedIn, send... Read More