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5 Ways To Becoming a Networking Superhero

By: Geir Freysson Monday July 29, 2013 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, Geir Freysson, LunchMeet, CardMunch, Fivehundredplus, BufferApp, business tips, apps, applications

Batman wasnt born with his superpowers; hes a self-made man. The same goes for networking heroes. People arent born networkers - they hone their skills and build up their network with hard graft. In tribute to the caped crusader, weve put together five pieces of advice on how to become a networking super hero - and the right power tools for the job, straight from the Batcave. 1) They may be drinkers, Robin, but they're also human beings Hardly anyone goes out networking looking to buy something. Connecting with people on LinkedIn can help you form long-term relationships rather than going in for the hard sell ten seconds into a conversation with someone youve just met. These folks may be networking, but theyre also human beings. Once youve connected on LinkedIn, send... Read More