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One LinkedIn Members Extremely Thoughtful Response to the New Groups Format

By: Viveka Thursday August 29, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, New LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Group Owner, changes to groups, Viveka von Rosen, Steve Spenser, new Group UI

I recently posted an article on the new LinkedIn Group format ( ). I personally like the new look, and being comfortable with the platform, didnt think too much beyond that. I played around in it for awhile and then posted what I liked and was concerned about. And then I posted it in one of my groups. Well I was blown away by Steve Spensers response! ( ). Steve is a "Web-site usability expert and principal of Praxis Communication. I asked if he would let me share them with you and he said yes. While The following opinions are not necessarily my own I think Stevens reply was so considerate you should see read it too. What I like is that Steven is... Read More

LinkedIn Groups Get A Makeover!

By: Viveka Thursday August 22, 2013 comments Tags: New groups, New LinkedIn Groups, New Groups Look, New LinkedIn Communi, How to use new Linke

LinkedIn Groups Get A Makeover!

LinkedIn announced its new look today in its blog: You will notice the new Group Pages look very similar to LinkedIn Company and University Pages. And it's about time! The look itself is much more visually appealing more newsletter-like than the previous Group UI (user interface). With over 2 million LinkedIn Groups created, these new communities (notice LinkedIn uses the same word as Google+ now) will hopefully invigorate LinkedIn members group activity. New Header (Hero Image) The thing that really stands out with the new groups of course is the new header. If you have your own group simply click on Manage / Group Information and then add your new 646 x 200 pixel hero image. Everything else is pretty much the same Easier to Read... Read More