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Let Your Imagination Lead You To More Business Success by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Wednesday July 23, 2014 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tips, business success, improve business suc

Let Your Imagination Lead You To More Business Success by Howard Lewinter

Let Your Imagination Lead You To More Business Success by Howard Lewinter Do you remember when you were a child playing games? Since I was a child before the age of the internet and the computer (and maybe you are too), I remember in the summertime when school was out leaving the house at 8 oclock in the morning, come back home for lunch, then leave again but be back home for dinner, then leave one more time but be back home before dark (as the fireflies would begin to illuminate the night). Nobody ever asked where I was or was concerned for my safety back in those days as they knew I was in the neighborhood playing games with the other kids on the block and the parents all watched out for us kids. Maybe you have similar childhood memories. During those childhood days, when I... Read More

For Business Success: Focus On Today by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Monday June 23, 2014 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business success, Building Business, business tips

For Business Success: Focus On Today by Howard Lewinter Have you noticed on your way to and from work each day any new construction going up? It could be a new bank, drugstore, multi-level apartment complex, hotel or even a tall office building which will include several floors as headquarters for a major company. One day the space is just a plot of land with dirt; then before you know it a building sits on the land as if it were always there; fitting in with the landscape of the neighborhood. When construction on the site starts, the builder doesnt start at the top of the structure with the roof. Instead the building process begins with architectural plans, city and county permits, excavation and the ordering of building materials. Every detail, no matter how small, is paid... Read More

4 Examples To Inspire Your Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday January 21, 2014 comments Tags: vision, success, business success, weekly biz tip, business tip, Howard Lewinter, success mindset

4 Examples To Inspire Your Business Success As you look over the horizon at the year ahead, is more success in your business future? Lets talk about achieving success beyond what you may think is possible with four examples. 1) Roger Bannister: Have you ever heard of a guy named Roger Bannister? Most people havent because it seems that events happen but they get lost in history as time goes on. Roger Bannister was a track and field person who ran the mile. Back then people would say: You cant run a mile in 4 minutes, its impossible . It just cant happen. The human body, the way its constructed, you cant run a 4-minute mile. Then one day Roger Bannister ran a mile in a little under 4 minutes. It was revolutionary; nobody thought it could ever happen. Today its... Read More

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

By: Viveka Thursday November 14, 2013 comments Tags: Brad Hanks, LinkedIn for Realtor, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Success, business success

LinkedIn Tips for Realtors I always say you are not going to sell your stuff in your case you are not going to sell a house on LinkedIn. But dont get up to leave! What you can do on LinkedIn is create relationships with people that will bring you top of mind when they hear of someone who is moving and need a local Realtor who can help them. Or maybe they hear of someone who decides they want to invest in a luxury market but dont know where to begin. But then your post, or message or interaction with them springs to mind and they forward your profile on to the prospect. Or maybe they themselves decide to invest in a particular area and they know that is your area of expertise. If you use LinkedIn correctly, then you will spring top of mind and get the referral or sale. ... Read More

9 Tips For Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Friday November 1, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tips, business success

There isnt any business person Ive ever talked to that doesnt want to be successful. People, not just those in business, want to be successful. It just feels good when you are successful at something. And who doesnt want to feel good about what they do and about their day? Especially since the time you spend at work is such a significant part of your day! So lets keep the business success rolling right along each day! Heres 9 tips for business success. 1) Dont promise things you cant deliver. I know youve heard this many times before but its one that is worth repeating and remembering every business day. Heres why with an example everyone can relate to: Its one of the things that salespeople who are not good salespeople do. They promise everything to get the sale... Read More

30 Minutes A Day Can Improve Your Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Monday October 14, 2013 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, Weekly Business Tip, business tip, business success, Business Goals

Question: 30 minutes a day? Thats all to improve my business success? Answer: Yes! Heres how to change and improve your level of business success: Every day, as soon as you arrive at work before anyone or anything distracts you, for the first 30 minutes, sit down at your desk with a blank piece of paper and pen in your hand or if you are more comfortable with a computer or other communication device, thats fine and do three things: 1) Make an outline of what you want to accomplish for the day. List everything you can think of that youd like to accomplish just for that day. Not tomorrow. Not the rest of the week. Just today. 2) Now stare at that blank piece of paper (or screen) and write down whatever comes to your mind about what you should do to make your business... Read More