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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

By: Viveka Thursday November 14, 2013 comments Tags: Brad Hanks, LinkedIn for Realtor, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Success, business success

LinkedIn Tips for Realtors I always say you are not going to sell your stuff in your case you are not going to sell a house on LinkedIn. But dont get up to leave! What you can do on LinkedIn is create relationships with people that will bring you top of mind when they hear of someone who is moving and need a local Realtor who can help them. Or maybe they hear of someone who decides they want to invest in a luxury market but dont know where to begin. But then your post, or message or interaction with them springs to mind and they forward your profile on to the prospect. Or maybe they themselves decide to invest in a particular area and they know that is your area of expertise. If you use LinkedIn correctly, then you will spring top of mind and get the referral or sale. ... Read More