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How to Create a LinkedIn Showcase Company Page

By: Viveka Tuesday November 19, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Showcase Pa, LinkedIn Company Sho, How to create a Show, Video on how to crea

Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages A few days ago LinkedIn released its new Showcase Pages. Like subgroups in your groups your Company Page can now have "sub pages" called now have sub pages. This is a great idea for companies that want to really focus on a specific product or service or that have many sub-brands. For example,I was recently doing a conference for real estate professionals and Showcase Pages might be a great place to put different listings or different properties that you manage. You could share updates reflecting positive feedback form your clients or guests. I'm going to be highlighting my bigger products like Linked Prospecting as a showcase page. I'll invite specific people to my page - maybe even just LinkedProspecting members, and share updates on... Read More