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We Can All Learn About Social Media from Santa!

By: Viveka Tuesday December 17, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Advice for

What Santa can Teach Us About Social Media What to do - and not do - on Social media. Lessons from Santa! "Go-Giver" Culture So Santa Baby - heres the thing. Youve got most of the bases covered already. You get that social media culture is all about giving I mean thats your job right? So I dont have to train you or the elves on creating a "Go-Giver" culture. In fact - you could teach us a thing or two! I bet you've already read Bob Burg's book " Adversaries into Allies" haven't you? You might want to give a copy to a few of your coal-intended kids - might help them move from the naughty to nice column! Go Viral Youve also got the viral thing nailed. Everyone talks about you. There are movies, music and YouTube videos galore. Most people seem to love... Read More